Triple A uniforms

Our services
Your satisfaction is our comfort

Here in Triple A we are trying to be a unique company by offering our customers special services such as:

We are providing our customers samples of our previous works to be able to see our quality by seeing our fabrics type,colors and the finishing of the products.

We are suggesting to our customer’s ideas of designs, fabric types and colors suites every purpose that he needs not only this but also we could send our designer to create a design immediately.

After that we are implementing a sketch due to the chosen of the customers.

We have the ability to produce samples for the new customers with their vision before contracting.

Consequently we present packing service for all students in schools with specific sizes for each student.

Also we are offering experts to take the average of the sizes if it possible.

After producing the uniforms we committed to meet deadlines.

Also we are supporting the selling specialists in the Institutions  with assistance such as solve the technical issues and providing them with extra products and sizes.

We are allowing the shipping service either it’s a sample or it’s a required product and this service for the Institutions which are outside Egypt we can reach to you in any place at the Arab World as soon as possible .

We are totally committed with manufacturing defects that it maybe appears in some of our products without adhering with a specific time.

The last but not least we have the possibilities and flexibility to accept any recommendation from our customers for achieveing our goal which is our customer’s satisfaction.